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Counseling Insights, June 30, 2011

The Paranormal abets Counsel

How often has the skilled, experienced astrologer heard, “Wow! What made you say that? Where did you see that?”

The questions suggest a supposed reliance on measurements to establish meaning: “if I can get my hands on all those meanings, I can control the world!” --This runs through every beginner’s mind all too often. It’s the refuge for the astrologer who fears she/he has nothing to say … some measurement must define life significances; jargon camouflages emptiness.

The highly skilled, experienced astrologer is guided by more than measurements. There’s intuition; there’s feeling. -- I have long taught that what one knows about life is more important than what one knows about astrology. Planets don’t make things happen; people do.

In my book Prediction in Astrology I analyze in greatest detail Evangeline Adams’ extraordinary prediction of the grand Hotel Windsor fire in New York City --to occur the next day, mind you! This prediction made her reputation (and was undoubtedly adjusted after the fact for career publicity).

Adams was highly highly intuitive [Pisces Ascendant, Neptune rising, squared by Uranus; Neptune charismatically sextile with Mars; Sun=Neptune/MH]. Her meager astrological tools of the day were dramatically augmented by her intuition and the Moon-in-Leo courage to explore it theatrically. --There is no way on earth or in heaven that that fire could have blazed off her horoscope paper in her quick, early evening consultation with the hotel manager the day before the fact.

My point here is that we ALL have intuition; special feelings that can permeate perceptions and appreciation of reality. --What rolls through your mind when you hear thunder? What romance do you attach to colors? What goes on inside you when you’re looking for a parking place? What is just over the hill?

Working with astrology doesn’t mean that intuitive sensitivities are ignored because of the promises supposedly attached to measurements. Quite the contrary: the measurements guide us through doors open to the interpretation of symbols and their interaction. This is the interpretation process: we relate the horoscope to the developmental significances being lived by the client. We don’t confine the client’s development to what we know about measurements.

We must allow the paranormal to enter into our management of astrological counsel. It’s only human! --Follow these thoughts; see how they build.

1. Symbolism: enduring significances

A planet is a planet; that’s its normality, its reality. But we can impute more to it: a symbolic superstructure of grand dimension with the client‘s life as it is revealing itself in consultation. The symbolisms evolve with time, culture, and personalization.

2. Synchronicity: patterns of behavior within time.

A situation occurs with behaviors attached. They are recollected neurologically. They pattern themselves and repeat reflexively. --Every time the client shows tr Saturn in hard aspect to the ruler of the 12th, the client shows illness.

3. Establish the archetype of the Self to mirror the client, to see the client better. -- This is usually anchored to the Moon in its sign, the needs established symbolically. --What are the motivations to fulfill it. That creative representation takes on a life of its own. --If I tell you often enough that there is a ghost in a particular hotel, walking the floors on special nights, you will eventually accept it and you will behave accordingly. This is the power of suggestion; we need suggestion to arouse meaning.

4. The archetypal interpretation of dreams can invigorate measurements powerfully.

When we learn to invite and use intuition, it comes.

My client yesterday, in her 60s, showed tr Neptune square Jupiter, ruler of the 4th.

Following #1 above, it is very easy to suggest a flow of spiritual studies entering the life --and this was correct. --Then, I suggested, “Was there also significant water damage in your house?” …And this was correct as well; the client was startled.

Then, I went further: “And this was the time when emotional concerns entered the marriage?” --This was correct too! The measurement (transiting Neptune square Jupiter, ruler of the 4th) was alive with potential, and I was exploring it. It was not difficult to see within the client’s development time and circumstance her Neptune as emotional strangeness, something other that it seems, within the relationship (going on in the house).

Following #3 above, I explained the “meaning” of the situation as best I could, with rich dialogue from the client in return. Out of the discussion, came insights and behavioral adjustments that will certainly enrich life ahead.

You see how the measurement opened the door; how careful dialogue developed how wide that opening was; how knowing about life --emotional life in the senior years, etc.-- colored time to come. It was much like altering one’s diet or life style!

A 50 year old man is married to a 41 year-old lady. With significant measurements lighting the way of development now, a crisis was brewing: the lady is consumed with having a baby; their relatively carefree lifestyle is threatened; ambivalence prevails. --Venus (ruler of her 5th) was dramatically involved. We discussed the obvious and the major considerations of having a child at these ages, and then I asked, “Is there something here involving her marriage ring?”

The man answered that she wasn’t wearing it much anymore; that she had, in fact, lost it for a time….

The symbolism and depth of concern were really clear.

And the lady --with natal Nodal axis on the Midheaven axis-- was wanting to become the mother she herself had never had. She was pursuing an ideal in the face of vivid practical concerns.

Build your humanistic awareness within supposed measurement mystiques. The magic measurements are within: within your client and within you!

We can’t leave the human being behind.

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