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Counseling Insights 9/30/07

Open Sesame! With Multiple Quintiles!

The quintile is a beguiling connection between planetary symbols of individual potentials. It is beguiling because the fifth harmonic (360/5=72) sings of creative thought and energy --and it really does not matter between what bodies or points the relationship occurs!! This is the first consideration: that they –the quintiles-- are there!.

The seventy-two degree quintile seems to course through the individual's entire system, normally touching everything with special expressivity. And this is especially, reliably, and tellingly so when there are three, four, or more quintiles (recommended 2.5 degree orb) in the horoscope!

For example, in my own horoscope, there are four quintiles: Sun-Mars, suggesting a driving creative deployment of energy in whatever direction I would choose; Jupiter-Saturn, a creative focusing of purpose in what I do; Node-Midheaven, a creative pressure to bring what I do to many people, needing the audience; and finally Venus-Uranus, also in mutual reception, a unique creative touch that would just have to be a major focus in my life.

Infamous broadcaster Howard Stern has four quintiles, ALL involving Saturn in Scorpio!

In other words, the fact of four quintiles being sighted in my horoscope would necessitate the astrologer asking me –perhaps as the first statement of the consultation— "There's much creativity here; what is your outlet for it?"

Famed actor Dustin Hoffman has six quintiles!

But the point being made here is not that the number of quintiles lifts a person up the scale of creativity, but rather that the number of quintiles can suggest the pervasion of creative resourcefulness in life expression.

Often with fewer quintiles, the particular essence of the quality of the quintile(s) really commands isolated attention. –For example, Tiger Woods, arguably the most creatively thoughtful and disciplined golfer in the world, has two quintiles, and these quintiles are all-powerful in their symbolism: Saturn is quintile Pluto [a natal aspect of hard, hard work and relentless self-application ideally] with Pluto ruling the 3rd, the mind-set. And Pluto in turn is quintile the Moon in the third!

The diversified creativity of Orson Wells [motion pictures, acting and directing; performance of magic] was significantly expressed among three quintiles, one of them in the main being Neptune quintile the Sun, ruling the 3rd!

Computer genius Bill Gates has two quintiles with the most telling picture, Uranus quintile Mercury [technological invention], ruler of the mind-set third!

Pablo Picasso has one quintile: Jupiter to the Leo Ascendant, suggesting a most creative persona development, even to the point of entertainment (Jupiter rules the 5th, holding the Moon, and Pluto conjoins Jupiter, i.e., it is brought into the quintile strongly).

And so it goes. With so very often a remarkable accentuation of the third House, through rulership and/or tenancy, we see the quintile pulse within the mind-set: how a person needs to think to be at their best.

A recommended way with quintile analysis Your aspect grid presents three or more quintiles. Ideally this must be expressed centrally in the personality development. –You begin the discussion, "What is your creative outlet?"

Your client will most frequently respond to the query, well-pleased. You will start to hear details of the vocation, and you will begin to judge if that point of focus is fulfilled optimally or not. Or you may learn of a whole sector of life-significant activities that has little to do with vocational expression, like the cab-driver who is consumed with collecting memorabilia from the Civil War; the creativity 'way' is out of the mainstream of life.

But most telling is the case where your quintile-endowed client says, "I don't have any (creativity outlet)." --I show curiosity and then I ask carefully, "What was your creative outlet?" This is a very poignant probe.

Your client will/might say, "Well, I used to be the best clarinetist in my school orchestra. Even went to the State Finals in a talent search program. –I wanted desperately to study music in college and become a school music teacher, but my parents simply wouldn't let me do that." --You will see the frustration, the emotions mount. Even to the point of tears. "And I ended up in economics. I'm a banker ... and ... and I hate every minute of it. ....You see all that there?"

In other words, something has gotten in the way of the quintile energies coursing through the system. This doesn't mean the person is a failure or is deficient in development; it means that without support and understanding early on they have probably under-achieved in terms of their expressivity ... and in many cases, they have learned not to remember that, not to care about it, even though we can suspect that their lives are the less fulfilled for it. –Inquiring about these energies opens up a large vista of life development.

Stay heads-up about quintiles! The swirl of those energies can create fascinating colors in life expression. Lee Iacoca could be considered a dull dry businessman, but his creative media workmanship, his way of reaching the public persuasively, rejuvenated Chrysler through his personal charisma. You would not overlook his four quintiles.

This is pretty creative astrology, don't you think?

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