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Counseling Insights, February 28, 2010

Incisive Communication

Astrologers must learn to speak well, with effect, and make a communication impression upon their client. If we can't talk, it's as dysfunctional as not having anything to say!

In the essay department "Counseling Insights", in the Archives (immediately following the current essay), there are some 120 essays about communicating with your client!!!!!! That's about 102,000 words.

These essays can transform your astrological work as you discover and refine your communication skills.

Here are 14 therapeutic themes marked with the corresponding essay to bring them to life. As you go through the Archives, you will surely note other intriguing and relevant titles for your study.

Dig in! Learn to talk the walk!

Start with Key Catalytic Phrases, November 20, 2006, then follow up with these here (in no particular order):

1. The Fear of Counseling (June 2001)

2. When we talk to a client, we are adjusting a frame of mind. (May 31, 2009)

3. Establishing Objectives to Guide the Consultation (March 31, 2000)

4. Corollary thinking; point of view (August 31)

5. The Earliest Memory/Suppression (August 31, 2008)

6. The Magic of "What If?" (June 30, 2003)

7. Creating Therapeutic Images (January 31, 2005)

8. Surprising Question (November 30, 2003; October 29, 2002; July 30, 2002)

9. Overstatement (July 2001)

10. Carrying a bad thought (Jan 30, 2004)

11. Subtext used as therapy (January 30, 2006)

12. Love received and given (October 31, 2004)

13. "Faithing" to Support Resilience (June 30, 2004)

14. Common Sense (July 2001)

Talk in the Forum about your experiences with client dialogue; how did supportive ideas about behavior arise to fulfill the astrology! Share, and we all learn.

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