Management of Measurement Constructs

Putting the Horoscope into your Body

April 1, 2003

Most astrologers are familiar with creative dramatics in acting out one’s horoscope, usually in a seminar/public situation, with your best friend playing Saturn! --In Moscow, last year, I did this with Prince Charles’ horoscope and Diana’s horoscope and gave certain two-line statements to each “planet” to declaim. It was astounding how much emotion developed as one planet related with text, voice, and body drama to another.

Then I realized how I do this privately, on the horoscope page, on a different scale, with every horoscope I do. Let me share it with you.

The crazy aspect lines that show up in the center of so many wheeled chart-forms are completely useless, in my opinion. They connect –not even through the center of the horoscope—just to connect. The process is without life, and the scramble of too many lines becomes just a blob of wasted computer energy.

My chart form –the one in the books—is the simplest in the world, no frills, swirls, or jangles. The center is clean, empty, waiting for something to happen. [On WinStar 2+, it is called the TylWheel.]

As I orient myself within the horoscope I’m studying, I define the major aspect lines-of-communication cleanly and dramatically. [Note how the lines are drawn in Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology, The Creative Astrologer, Solar Arcs, etc. I use a plastic draftsman’s triangle and I really slap down the lines for the oppositions and the right-angle gashing edges for squares. This way, I am dramatizing the action, just as a football coach does when he diagrams a touchdown play on the blackboard!

The action comes off the paper and goes right up through your hand and arm, and jumps into your brain. You will even find yourself “talking the horoscope” as you “run the play”.

When you step back a bit then, you will have organized so much of the energy patterns; you will have become involved!

Just picture putting an ellipse, for example, around a planet and its degree-address to show that it is peregrine! Look at its sense of dissociation; an island with all of life flowing around it!

Just picture a Grand Trine closed within a dominating, self-excluding triangular shape!

I even use different pressures on my pen or pencil to show different intensities of constructions!

You will be amazed at helpful this is. –Even when presented with a horoscope filled with all those chop-stick computer lines in the center, I check the aspect grid and then write in, with great authority and gusto, the aspect conduits myself. I bring the horoscope knowingly to life.

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