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Notebook, November 30, 2008

“The Dangers of being caught by SWAT”

Is StopWatch Astrological Timing possible? Or we could ask, “Does God use a stopwatch”? Picture that!

I don’t think so. –But maybe there is a stopwatch somewhere in Nature and we just don’t yet understand it through our astrology? (Maybe not knowing all keeps all of us human?)

I recall a consultation in Germany with a sharp-as-a-tack lady in her late seventies; she had been a young girl during the years of WWII. She was poised, beautifully and proudly dressed, and her thoughts excited her eyes.

Our discussion was initially focused on wartime dangers, threatening and disrupting her fatherless family. One major confluence of astrological measurements focused on March 1945, as I recall, suggesting quite an upheaval in her family. I asked about this accordingly.

The lady quickly and firmly denied any recall of any critical family situation in March 1945.

Giving her time perhaps to retrieve the memory, I stuck to my presentation and repeated the question.

Then, she smiled wisely –kindly letting me off the hook – “It wasn’t in March, Herr Tyl; es war im April!” --And that was that.

I was then able to develop my point; the time period was illuminated; many things came to light that actually endured to color her present some 60 years later … AND the horoscope began to prove itself for accurate time reference.

Gradually, as we came to the high years of her societal productivity … in her 30s to 60s, we found many time references that were “off” (if you will) by a month or so … but in these cases the time differential was simply her being forced by the environment to wait for the environment to respond or for circumstantial situations to work themselves out before she was/felt ‘activated.’

--When we experience a divorce, for example, we can ask, “When did it actually occur?” Did it occur last week … last month … last year, or even before marriage!? It is the logistics and bureaucracy that extend the time period. ---When we get a new job, we may not start it for two or three months, because of family concerns of relocation, school schedules, the company’s plans, etc. ---Performers get contracts a year or two in advance … is the salient time when the contract is awarded or is it when the performances take place?

How much time accuracy is needed? Are we asking for precision in order to feel good about astrology –those astounding precise “hits” we do experience often do feel wondrous—and to feel good about our skill? Are we being realistic?

In the consultation, can an appreciation of time-reference reasonability prevail? Can “Springtime” suffice … “Springtime, perhaps the first week of April (led there perhaps by a Tertiary Progression)?”

I think so. Otherwise, we constantly expose our Achilles heel: that astrology is thought to be magically and rigidly fate-bound … to the day. “You’re an astrologer; you didn’t know your car would break down today?”

Coming to grips with this fairly and realistically holds the unnerving expectations of the SWAT team at bay; we are able to work better with our astrology without precision time pressures, our “feel” develops more, and we are actually reflecting reality better.

How was it established in the first place that we should be to-the-day precise?

Another consideration is that timing reference accuracy presses us more as we work with the intrinsically faster moving planets, with the planets Jupiter inward (who hasn’t marveled at the to-the-month reliability of the tr Jupiter-Sun cycle?).

When a situation is set up by larger measurements (intrinsically slower moving planets), we can then look to Mars, Venus, Mercury, Node, the transiting Sun and Moon for references to two or three-day periods of highest probability of occurrence. –I am constantly amazed at the timing efficiency of the Tertiary Moon crossing an Angle during a busy astrological time [see Tyl- Solar Arcs, Chapter 6].

This interesting intensification of measurement application and time-accuracy as we ‘get down to it’ says that “the reality scene is set; the message within time is focusing the ripest time therein;” we ask then continuously, “how realistic is our anticipation”?

This morning, working with a client who is a Cathedral Organist of high reputation, I asked him about the recent time period of tr Jupiter square his Nodal Axis. I zeroed in tightly, referring to the high probability for expanded pubic exposure over a five day period (my comfort zone for this time projection). He replied that in that 5-day period he had indeed given three important recitals, from which he could expect significant career development.

Environmental Concerns And we must never lose sight of other people’s activities, hopes, strategies, and their astrology; all of this must be embraced and evaluated with common sense. And, as time and reality develop, more and more sureness is focused.

Right now in the United States (and indeed, elsewhere), the economy is sinking catastrophically. Everyone is affected. But this does not show up in everyone’s horoscope. It is best acknowledged as an environmental condition within which we must work, adjusting previous strategies and goals common sensibly.

Probability Projections A man has been out of work for 10 months. He applies himself diligently to find a job. His turn-downs seem to have little to do with him and to be circumstantially tied to the terms and conditions of potential employers.

But a bit of astrology is shining bright: transiting Nodal axis will be conjoining the ruler of his 10th or 6th House, next week, when, at the same time, tr Jupiter will be tightening its quindecile to his Midheaven, and transiting Sun will be on his Ascendant. Rather than saying, “Aha! Here it is!! You will have an interview and get a job on that day!!!”, it is wise to explain to the client how excellent the signals are for a successful job interview; and that the probability approaches 80%. –This is reasonable and the client can strategically assimilate the potential, not only within the reality of the time now but within the spectrum of time past for some 10 months.

Probability is comfortable; it’s safe. Conviction is doubtable.

I suggest that only the inexperienced astrologer thinks otherwise.

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