Making a Personal Appointment
with Noel Tyl
To make an appointment for a personal horoscope consultation with Noel Tyl, please telephone Noel directly at (480)907-7197, 7:30-16:00 MST, USA. If he is unavailable when you call, please leave your name and number, and he will telephone you back promptly.

Noel will record your birth data (birth date, time, and place) personally and discuss the best time, at your convenience, for you to telephone him for the consultation (or, indeed, to visit his office should you be in the Phoenix area). Your payment of the US$290 fee will be made at that time by credit card, or arrangements will be made for posted check.

The 45-minute (or more if needed) consultation will include a thorough analytical discussion of life development in the past and a strategic focus on the time, concerns, and projects ahead. You may tape the discussion, of course, but clients must talk into a hand-set (not a speaker phone, since it is emotionally remote) and clients are advised that the consultation is a two-way discussion, not a one-way astrological "reading performance." No jargon is used; matters are addressed as clearly, deeply, and directly as is pertinent, graceful, and helpful for understanding, practicality, and empowerment.

In advance, "thank you for your faith." --Noel Tyl


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