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Analytical Techniques 12/31/06

Defining YOUR Process

The vector of meaning for the word “process” captures the following: a step-by-step progress toward a desired, designated end result. We look at a horoscope to develop understanding of the symbols in order to progress toward serving someone else or an occurrence with knowledge and insight. We must have a process with which to do this.

But how many astrology buffs moon over horoscopes while watching television, lying on the sofa inches away from a nap, with blank eyes looking for a place to start? How many spend literally days to make sense of the circle? --this shows that “process” is sorely needed.
What is YOUR Process? How do you define it? --How about putting your process neatly and in brief onto paper; a list of the steps you take every single time you look at a horoscope. –Analyze what you do!

*Where do you look first? Why? What will you learn?

* Where will the first impression lead you? What possible avenues of understanding can be presented?

* What is the integration balance between House layout and Planetary disposition? How do the Sun-Moon combinations (144 of them) fit into the emerging scheme of things?

*How do you integrate the key measurements of astrology –the power points like Saturn, Pluto aspects, retrogradation emphases, special aspects, etc.?

*What about rulership networks, using the planets to interrelate House issues?

*What do you look for to enable synthesis, to focus it into words?

--Sure, there are more possible inroads. But the focus of this essay is for you to ask yourself what exactly do you do when you begin work on a horoscope? And please know that being all-inclusive is NOT the objective; being orderly, circumspect, unified, and valid is.

And do you know the value of doing the analytical procedure precisely the same way every single time you address a horoscope? Why is deploying your process that way valuable?

What happens if you have three horoscope appointments in one day? Four, Six? Eight? How economical is your preparation time within the Process?

--If you feel that this overview of ‘what an astrologer does’ is a bit beyond you … that recognition is a good sign: it tells you where to pay your attention for growth. Building your ability to synthesize a horoscope and conduct a meaningful conversation with someone else is a glowing goal. Pursue it. Just project what you could learn in the next five months … the next year!!

Collecting this horoscope and that one because it made news yesterday is not the way to accomplish anything in astrology.

Make plans. Be patient. Map your course … the learning is there to be enjoyed!!

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