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Analytical Techniques, November 1, 2008

“Internal Consistencies”

--How Parts reflect the Whole

Who wasn’t intrigued when our high school math, algebra, geometry teacher taught, “The Whole is the sum of the Parts”? A simple theorem with deep implications; it sounds so wise. –Then, a more advanced look into that same direction, “The Part contains the Whole,” a Part of a Whole contains the properties of the Whole.

One spoonful Part of Spaghetti Sauce will have the same balance of ingredients as the Whole pot of sauce has. One polling district in central Ohio will reflect the distribution of political persuasions for the whole state or, indeed, when empirically based, the whole nation!

We have this integration dimension in the horoscope as well, and knowing this speeds access to synthesis –from the Parts to the Whole—and recognizes the internal consistencies of horoscopes.

Let’s visualize three examples. You can do this, if you have a scheme, a process of analysis at your disposal from your study. Just keep thoughts simple in your mind; how they fit together will amaze you … the Parts reflect the Whole … the Parts create it.

Read these words carefully, slowly, not as triggers for measurement mumbo-jumbo, but as illumination of analytical concepts you (should) know, a Part at a time. Watch what happens!

First Example

1. This Piscean lady’s horoscope shows a decided northern hemisphere emphasis. [Immediately this should bring to your mind, “unfinished business in the early home.”] That’s a sweeping background statement; the tomatoey consistency of the sauce, if you will!

2. We check the parental axis and find that the Virgo Midheaven keys Mercury, and Saturn modifies it with a quindecile. Immediately, we see developmental tension highly probable with the father. –And this is echoed by Saturn retrograde phenomenology, with Saturn in the 11th., all tense from a square from Uranus. --- We see Venus ruling the 11th and 7th, and itself under developmental tension with Mars: this suggests strongly that, through the father relationship, this lady develops a conspicuous sense of not being loveable, which will surely find its way into adult relationships.

3. The Moon in Cancer represents the reigning need here: to have emotional security in a loving home. For this lady, those values are so important to achieve in life; but, further, we see that this Moon is squared by Neptune (the other parental ruler; think that through … with a Virgo Midheaven), suggesting an idealized view of what could be in her emotional world, perhaps taken on from the mother, herself suffering with the father relationship.

These observations are accomplished by the eyes and brain in perhaps 15 seconds.

To review, here is what we “see” as the Parts focus within the Whole: considerable difficulty, unfinished business, in the early home, absorbed by this sensitive Piscean lady, through difficulties in the father relationship. He is passive or out of the picture, or tyrannical so as not to have reinforced, supported the young girl in her growth period. This leaves her with a pronounced sense of not being loveable, and this is certainly carried into adult relationships later. Idealizations run to the foreground of life experience to protect sensibilities; they too make relationships difficult.

All of that is possible to see from wedding Parts within the Whole. ---And there is so much, so much more possible in this style of confident synthesis.

1. This man’s horoscope reveals a decided Western Hemisphere emphasis. Instantly, we feel the backdrop of altruism, giving himself away to others, loyalties, indulgences, often beyond the call of duty. Why? –Again, this is the consistency of the Whole.

2. His Moon in Libra corroborates this background statement (#1 above). Yet a discordant part within the Whole is suggested by his Venus (dispositor of the Moon): it is retrograde and conjoined with Neptune. This suggests a frustration or unusualness in social relations –giving oneself to others, but personally unusual, unfulfilled, bewildered emotionally. This is a very connected Part-consideration within the Whole. How will it be assimilated?

3. Checking Saturn, we find more revealing dimensions within the Whole: Saturn is peregrine (father factors may run wild in the horoscope; perhaps no father present at all …Jupiter ruler of the 10th is under strong stress from Uranus). AND the Saturn is on the Nodal axis: the mother “ran the show.”

4. The ruler of the 4th is opposed by Pluto … the power struggle with the mother.

Everything fits and even begins to suggest a developmental continuity.

These observations are accomplished ever so quickly when we know our craft. We see the man’s over compensatory outreach to others to fill an emotional gap within himself: the peregrine Saturn rules his 11th, feeling loveable, etc.

This lady’s horoscope reveals a clear South-eastern hemisphere emphasis, emphasized by an Aries stellium in the 11th. [Picture this.] So, the suggestion is that there is defensiveness in the nature, focused on anxieties about being loveable. This is difficult for the ego’s press for development. In the search for recognition and appreciation, a vulnerability to being victimized, pushed around, taken advantage of can be developed. This is echoed by Neptune’s opposition to this stellium.

2. Neptune for this lady rules her Midheaven, keying the father within the swirl of developmental tensions. AND her Saturn is retrograde … we are flooded with corroboration, echoes, understanding.

3. When we see the horoscope on paper, we note that the rulerships represented by the factors within the stressed stellium implicate the 11th, 3rd, Ascendant, 4th, 5th, 12th, and 10th Houses!! The anxiety about being loveable enters the mindset strongly (3rd), destabilizes identity development (Asc), brings possible maternal balances into considerations (4th), affects the capacity to give love to others (5th), and it all comes back to the Neptune-ruled Midheaven, relationship with the father.

4. The Moon is peregrine within all this; it is an outstanding herb, if you will, within our extended Sauce metaphor: the lady develops a personality that dances to a different drummer, a way of asserting ego identity (the Aries component) that attracts attention.

These observations are accomplished ever so quickly when we expect homogeneity among the Parts. --Fascinatingly, you have been able to make a major start here on sophisticated psychodynamic horoscope analysis without even having seen the horoscope!

This is accomplished by seeing patterns. These patterns are Parts working together to constitute the Whole.

[***These are the considerations and style --and here we are seeing only the beginnings!—taught in my Master’s Certification Course. The essential measurement keys are presented at length on the DVD, “15 Indispensable Keys to Analysis” (see BOOKS).]

Learn to think this way --rather than fracturing the integration of the horoscope by isolating chinks and chunks of measurements. It works powerfully.

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