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Analytical Techniques March 30, 2010

Moon for Thought

The Moon symbolizes all of memory. Just as it collects the light of the Sun, it collects symbolically the experiences of our life, pointedly aligned around the reigning need of our life development process. -This is not just recalling a phone number or a movie from a few years back, but the experiential imprints of who and why we are. We develop behaviors supported by memories of our learning experiences, and they are focused strongly within the modality and element of the Moon sign.

We can see the Moon as the repository of ego-strengths. Modification by aspect suggests things that augment those strengths or indeed get in the way. [See "Suppression" -S&C pages 652-654]

With the Moon in one of the Fire signs, we have to acknowledge strident ego-awareness within reigning need behaviors. If we do not see this drive thoroughly developed - the broadly expressed need and behaviors to be numero uno for Aries for example --we know we have a 'plumbing' problem in development signaled within the horoscope.

What can the problems be? They will be thwarting well-defined ego-expression, recognition. -Where does that start? Was there not developmental support early on? Why not?

With Leo, there's a bit of a shift here in the Fire family: from the need to win with the Ego to being appreciated for excellence, which is presumed; expected . and when it's not forthcoming.there's trouble. -Old patterns beginning in the home extend to peer group relationship development.

With Sagittarius, there's a shift into persuasion; sales presentation, if you will. There's the need for others to "Hear what I have to say, and respect it!" --We need to ask, what backs up the knowledge and the techniques of self-proselytizing? How substantive is the education? What do we hear about self-worth stature within the self-assertive presentations? What about the "physical culture" of defining the Self, of making one's mark?

***The problems signaled by these signs divert analysis into an introverted Aries, a self-deprecating Leo, a flabby-thought Sagittarian. -Through thwarted potentials, developmental tensions take on dramatic significance in our analysis.

With the Air signs we are orientated to others for personal development. We need others to reflect who we are back to us. Other people and their developmental problems get into the mix for better or for worse. -The Libra lunar energy symbolism depends upon societal reflection for ego positioning.

We need to determine if we are as nice to have around as we think we are! --Where is the Libra Moon's first mirror? We can appreciate a candle in front of a reflector; it's easy to lose the source of the light. Self-illumination is a constant need.

In Aquarius, this reigning need almost invariably is to define identity in terms of helping others. Why? Because others' appreciation for what we do establishes who we are and how we feel about ourselves. -"Thanks for helping!" This acknowledges a relational bond, a give and take. -So, if we're not so involved, we are off the track.

In Gemini, as with Sagittarius, this Mutable sign defines the grand need to communicate and entertain. -"Entertain" means "to please". Why do we need to be that way? To be found interesting, desirable? The Gemini needs his/her talents to be at the center of things. -We can feel the echo from Sagittarius; the Sagittarian uses intellect and bigger ideas, perhaps; the Gemini Moon symbolizes things stirred up to get things going . and shares the credit with others.

We need to observe that to socialize, to be interactive with others, requires presentability; manners; altruism; communication skills. A problem here goes far toward frustration.

What are the components of parental emulation here? --How does poor self-worth development or a sense of not being lovable affect this socialization process? Is there an extreme of overcompensation? Is there withdrawal?

With the Water signs, the reigning need constructions focus on emotions . not just for dramatic personal expression, but for inner comfort. The behaviors work to fulfill an inner world.

In Cancer, there is the reigning need for home security; the parental embrace is essential. When there is a fracture or on-going problems there, the Moon-in-Cancer's inner world is distressed. Withdrawal occurs. Hurt pervades the atmosphere. Look for weight problems. --Is this echoing in adult life? How does emotional hurt taint relationships?

With Scorpio, the need is for control. Why is this so often extreme? Has control become a weapon? Is it related to a power-struggle within the family and projected to others? Within the tensions of development, emotional feelings can be threatening; from embarrassment to victimization. So self-protection reigns.

In Pisces, the Moon's needs, driving personality development, are less for control and more for adjustment; a gentle push for the unreal to be understood . to be made real. If the sensitive is not supported and illuminated in early life, there is the encroachment of victimization; the Moon in Pisces easily adopts the self-deprecating, martyr role. Idealization invites disappointment. Not being understood sufficiently becomes a way of life.

What are the roles of the arts in these Water-Moon lives? The arts can endorse feelings, can explain them, can share them.

In the Earth family, the reigning need points of focus deal with getting things done. In Capricorn, it needs to be administratively effective; the Moon shines upon works in progress! Is there a model for authority in the early home? How are the early work-drives recognized and channeled?

With Taurus, the need is to protect the status quo, to resist change while building on that which is already established. -How rigid is the positioning? How does that accommodate the give-and-take required for relationships?

With Virgo, we have a new dynamic in the Mutable mode. For the Sagittarian, it is the need to be thought significant; for Gemini, to be regarded as engaging, informed; for Pisces, to be appreciated as healthfully ethereal. -For Virgo, the need is to be correct, proper, right! --Where does that behavioral color come from? Who reinforced it in the early home? Was it tolerated? Did it emerge as a protection? Does it flourish gracefully in adulthood? What are the rewards and liabilities?

Above all, is the behavior to fulfill this need.. and all the others .well managed?

If not, why? And how can life improve?

I suggest that these thoughts give more life to the way we manage Sign archetypes especially through the driving, reigning-need force of the Moon symbolism.

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