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Mutual Reception Review

Mutual reception is the infrequent occurrence of two planets relating to each other by each being in the Sign the other rules. Venus in Pisces is in mutual reception with Neptune in Libra, for example.

There is a Lunar bias within the location dynamics of mutual receptions by virtue of the Moon's speed, i.e., it changes sign so frequently it is able to gather mutual reception contact more frequently than the other planets. --This suggests reinforcement of mutual reception into the reigning need core of our development.

It is extremely important to recognize that a mutual reception is ever so much stronger when the two planets are also in aspect: e.g., Venus in 5 Aquarius and Uranus in 7 Taurus.

What this suggests for us in our analytical tool box is that the two planets are brought together in behavioral syntax. The Moon in Gemini will relate to Mercury in Cancer, for example; no aspect exists between them, but they are in mutual reception and should be seen as allied in some way as our analysis develops. Here, perhaps leading thought about Social Services ideals.

***I like the image of wearing a white shirt to an Italian restaurant! There is an attraction established between the shirt and the spaghetti sauce that is remarkable! They are in mutual reception!

Mia Farrow [February 9, 1945 at 11:27 AM PWT in Los Angeles CA] has a mutual reception between the Moon in Capricorn in the 9th House and Saturn in Cancer, ruling the 9th. --Strong relationship between Saturn and the Moon offers up much suggestion about ambition, driving leadership to get things done; here, international activism for social causes [backed up by the peregrine Sun in Aquarius and much more]. Actress Farrow is extremely active throughout Africa with aid programs, especially in Dafur and Rwanda.

Malcom X [May 19, 1925 at 10:25 PM in Omaha NE] had his Moon in Aries on the 4th cusp, ruling the 7th, in mutual reception with a powerful Mars (with Pluto) positioned on the Descendant. This is high ego involvement and identification with the power of emotional force into the public.

Michael Douglas [September 25, 1944 at 10:30 AM EWT in New Brunswick NJ] shows the Moon in Capricorn, ruling the 9th, in opposition with Saturn in Cancer ruling the 3rd. Here is a mutual reception that suggests so strongly (being in aspect as well) ambition through communications internationally. As television and movie producer and actor, his work has followed the theme of global peace dramatically.

Ex-president Jimmy Carter [October 1, 1924 at 7:00 AM in Plains GA] shows the Moon in Scorpio in mutual reception (and trine aspect) with Pluto in Cancer at his Midheaven, Pluto ruling the self-worth 2nd (human values). We know that inter-relationship between the Moon and Pluto involves consideration of maternal influence, and here the relationship within the mutual reception speaks eloquently of the mother's influence in establishing Carter's respect for human rights and values.

In the country of Haiti's horoscope [January 01, 1804 in Gonaives, Haiti at 12:00 PM (no reliable birth time)], we see Saturn in trine and mutual reception with Venus, ruler of the 2nd and the 7th. This suggests strongly an emotionally painful relationship with the world, needing help constantly, attracting aid continuously. We must remember that Haiti has long been regarded as the AIDS capital of the world; there is the gigantic collapse from earthquake(s) and so much more upheaval and poor relations with other countries.

Watch for mutual receptions. Learn to summarize the mutual reception in one phrase or sentence and watch it season the Spaghetti sauce!


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