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A recent inquiry into the discussion Forum of this website focused on peregrination. In my reply, I spoke how -after some 30 years of study and observation- I have started to push the envelope, so to speak, about peregrination, to give us an analytical tool and concomitant guidelines that make it easier and faster to get to the core. I have pushed beyond the Classical guidelines of a planet in rulership, exaltation, fall, detriment, etc. as qualification of the planet analytically, especially when that planet is not in Ptolemaic aspect with another planet (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, or opposition). The earlier nuances were desperately needed by astrologers to enrich analyses (as were "Parts"). In William Lilly's time (1602-1681), complex point systems were devised to evaluate dignity and debility. The system is not inscrutable; it is just complex and cumbersome.

Do we still need this system of dignities and debilitations? We do have the outer planets now, and a deep psychological understanding of behavioral archetypes developed throughout this last century. I suggest strongly that we do not gain much analytical benefit for the Classical struggle involved with measuring essential dignities and indignities.

My suggestion -and, My Goodness!, has this been tested!!!- is simply that an unaspected planet (no Ptolemaic aspect) can be called peregrine, regardless of dignity or indignity, and that such a planet, in its need-behavior symbolism, will tend to run away with horoscope analysis, i.e., behavioral manifestation. There is no doubt about this observation.

I have covered this subject throughout the thousand-page Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology -The Professional Manual, but especially on pages 155-190.

We know that "peregrine" comes from the Latin, meaning "across, through, or beyond the border." Our word "pilgrim" derives similarly from the Latin "pelegrinus," and alternative form of "peregrinus." The meaning sense is being foreign, alien. In the sense of our discussion of its import to analysis, think of a king in a foreign land. If he has no attachments in the foreign land, if no one there knows he is there, his ego and self-respect can't take it! He has to make some noise to attract attention, of course! --This is what a peregrine planet 'does:' its symbolism drives itself into prominence in the life reality of the individual.

It is rare that Mercury or Venus is peregrine, as we are discussing it, since these two planets are so close to the Sun, etc. BUT, when Mercury IS peregrine, is it any wonder that it manifests in a mental-communication archetype that itself can actually define the identity of the individual. How about Howard Cosell (the late encyclopedic, niagaricly communicative sportscaster and lawyer and teacher) [March 25, 1920 at 2:15 PM, EST in Winston-Salem, NC]? --What about the peregrine Mercury of Shelly Winters [August 18, 1922 at 00:05 AM, CST in St. Louis, MO; the peregrine Mercury of Jonathan Winters [November 11, 1925, 8:23 PM in Dayton, OH]?

How about the peregrine Scorpio-Sun of Hillary Clinton (the driving energy to control by knowing, to protect the self and whatever fragility may exist, etc.? [October 26, 1947 at 8:00
PM, CST in Chicago, evening time confirmed by her personally to astrologer Storm Cestavani in October 1999, during Mrs. Clinton's political tour visit in Messena, NY]

How about Mia Farrow's peregrine Aquarian-Sun, ruling her 5th? [February 9, 1945 at 11:27 AM, PWT in Los Angeles] Do you know how many children Ms Farrow has adopted? (Think double digits!)

How about Arnold Schwarzenegger's peregrine Venus!!! [July 30, 1947 at 4:10 AM, CED in Graz, Austria]? --How about Liberace's Jupiter!!!!!! [May 16, 1919 at 11:15 PM, CWT in Milwaukee, WI]?

Dare I say that the envelope has been pushed. Look into this phenomenological situation yourself! There are tons of example among celebrities --and in the cases you are seeing in your practice.

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