Communicating the Horoscope
Wisely and Well

Consultation Skills Training with Noel Tyl For professional astrologers and advanced students (above Lesson 10, if in the Tyl Master's Degree Course) 

How to present horoscope analysis to the client, designing a beginning, a middle, and an end to the consultation; getting to the developmental center quickly and significantly; establishing authority; projecting client empowerment, growth, and strategy. 

How to lead consultation development: leading questions, open-ended questions, dramatic use of the bi-polar question, assumptive questions; inviting disclosure; listening creatively, making developmental connections to crystallize analysis. 

How to involve the client in self-management and development; exploring the techniques for objectification; creative application of common sense; adjusting defense mechanisms to release new energy; breaking behavioral routines through analytical understanding, assessing and fortifying self-worth profiles anew, distilling analytical significances from fantasy content; how to build bottom-line conclusions for single-session therapy success. 

How to turn the phrase that's memorable; how to use aphorisms and parables, dialogue gambits (including the double-bind); how to build pride and confidence in your client; how to use your voice dramatically, effectively, memorably. 

How to relate practically every measurement guide in the horoscope through all you say to the reality of your client's life. How to put horoscope keys into strategies for your client's future, especially with regard to relationships and profession; forgiveness and love; change and maturity. How to invite inspiration during the consultation. 

How to make predictions that fit reality; how to consult about "bad news", anticipating success or failure, managing life-change decisions, using times past for corroboration of development and times ahead to stimulate growth and fulfill life. 

How to show your intelligence, helpfulness, professionalism, and pride as a counseling astrologer. 

Seven powerful printed Lessons, each requiring 40-60 hours intense study and work and outside reading, accomplished at your own pace (one Lesson per six weeks recommended). Working analytically and critically with some 50 horoscopes, some 15-tapes and transcripts, with detailed annotation of every client dialog exchange in consultation. Evaluations processed, completed, and presented back to the astrologer only by Noel Tyl, personally on tape, with telephone follow-up when required, normally within 10 days. Grand consultation certification diploma upon completion of the Course. Become part of the worldwide Certylfication web network. 

Costs -Two Payments: US$750 to begin and US$650 after Lesson 5 (of 7). Non-refundable. 

The Course is limited to practicing astrologers with substantial client experience, working in English-language consultations. 

Interview with Noel Tyl required: please telephone (480) 816-0000, 8:00-16:00 MT, any day. 

This is your opportunity to become an Artist with Astrological Technique, an Analyst defined by creative insight and helpfulness, exquisitely well-spoken, maximally effective, your message valuable and memorable. 

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Consultation Skills Training with Noel Tyl 
The Seven Powerful Lessons 

1. Image, Resources, and Initial Client Contact Preparing the horoscope; finding the developmental nexus for analysis. Five example horoscopes, first consultation transcript. 

2. Evaluating Performance and Defining a Presentation Model Studying two transcripts. Five example horoscopes; second consultation tape and transcript; outside study assignment, 2 assigned texts, with reports of relevance. 

3. Inviting Disclosure; the Art of Questioning; Commandeering Client Involvement Studying two transcripts. Five example horoscopes; third and fourth consultation tapes and transcripts; outside study assignment, 2 assigned texts, with reports of relevance. 

4. Coming to Conclusions, Dynamic Phraseology, Using Indirect Presentation Methods for Persuasion Studying two transcripts. Objectification and Clarification of Problems. Five example horoscopes; fifth and sixth consultation tapes and transcripts; outside study assignment, 2 free-choice texts with reports of relevance. 

5.Specific Therapies for Self-Worth, Parental Relations, Sexuality, Vocation Prediction Techniques, study and utilization. Five example horoscopes; seventh and eighth consultation tapes. Outside study, 2 free-choice texts with reports of relevance with reports of relevance. 

6. Common Sense Exercises and Logic; Managing Negative Outlooks; Why Predictions can Fail Prediction Techniques, further study. Five Example horoscopes; ninth and tenth consultation tapes. Outside study, 2 free-choice texts with reports of relevance. 

7. Final Work and Evaluation: three tapes, one transcript 



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